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Since I now had a yard of nosema-infected bees going into a spring nectar flow, I was in a position faced by many beekeepers—how to treat your bees when it is impractical to feed two gallons of medicated heavy syrup. In my case, there was a nectar flow on, and the bees were not likely to take syrup consistently, or if they did, they would likely store it, rather than consume it. Some colonies were sick, and not likely to take syrup well. There are also other times when feeding gallons of medicated syrup is impractical, such as when the bees are storing honey, when the colonies are already plugged out with honey, or when feeding that much syrup is just too expensive. A concern of large commercial beekeepers is the potential degradation of fumagillin in their large tanks of syrup between the time that it is mixed, and when it is finally put into a feeder and fully taken by the bees—mixing fresh small batches that can be applied immediately alleviates this potential problem (this is not a problem if the syrup is fed within a day or two).

The craziest thing that I ate this season was on the Lewis and Clark Trail episode. The expeditioners may have been shocked by salmon two hundred years ago, but I was shocked by the lamprey.

Andrew Technique - FreshAndrew Technique - FreshAndrew Technique - FreshAndrew Technique - Fresh