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Yoda , a male member of a mysterious species , was a revered Jedi Master who served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order in the waning days of the Galactic Republic . He was renowned within the Order for his wisdom, powers of the Force , and lightsaber combat , and he lived for nearly 900 years . His time during the last days of the Jedi Order and beyond made him a consequential figure in galactic history .

Yolanda was born and raised in Papendrecht, a small farmer’s town in Holland where she rode horses, milked cows and loved the farm. She grew up rather fast after her father passed away when she was just seven years old and, feeling the need to provide for her brother and her single mom, she became a dishwasher at the local Chinese restaurant at the age of 13. At age 16, she was discovered by world-famous modeling agent, Eileen Ford, and left Holland to become an international model living and working in Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Sydney, Tokyo, and eventually New York City. In 1994 she moved to Los Angeles and started her family with former husband, Mohamed Hadid, with whom she has 3 children, Gigi, Bella and Anwar. On the mystical day of 11-11-11, Yolanda married the love of her life, producer, songwriter, and 16-time Grammy Award-winner, David Foster. Yolanda juggles a blended family of her own children plus five stepdaughters.  

Mizuho Kusanagi launched the series in Hakusensha 's Hana to Yume manga magazine on August 4, 2009. [3] The series has been collected into 24 bound volumes . On October 9, 2015, North American manga publisher Viz Media announced at their New York Comic Con panel that they have licensed the manga and will begin releasing it in summer 2016. [4] The series went on hiatus starting with 2016's eleventh issue, on April 25, 2016, due to the earthquakes in Kumamoto , where Kusanagi lives. [5] It resumed in the twelfth issue on May 20, 2016. [6]